Dear Members,

As you might have noticed, since upgradation to the latest version, the BBP has undergone some changes. Therefore, there might be some glitches, so do let us know if you face one and also please comment on the new version and let us know the additional features you may like us to develop further.

Map moduel is currently disabled as developers are still working on it. Should be running soon.

By the way, this discussion page is a new feature where we all can engage in dicussion without having to go to observation page. So, if you all have any issues to be discussed, you may start the thread.


Thanks to all of oyu for your continued support.




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  • Prabhakar R : In reply to Tandin wangchuk
    Tandin wangchuk while both the observation list views are available, the advantage of this list view is that users can now directly look at the list and suggest species id. They need not click and go to the observation and then suggest ID. This has helped experts participate more easily with providing IDs to observations. 
    Do you think it makes sense??
  • Tandin wangchuk : In reply to Prabhakar R
    You are correct la
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