Dear BBP Users,

We are pleased to introduce you to the newest features of BBP after the upgradation.

 1. Enhanced User Profile

The improved profile page will have larger profile picture. There are additional fields where users will be able to provide other information such as gender, occupation, institution and area of interests. Users can now have activity score, it also counts and captures all the user activity on the portal. You can view and check your activity score from your profile page.

2. Count in Modules

Users will now be able to view the daily count of new content in each module (Species, Observation, Documents and Discussion module). For example, number of species updated, number of observations created, number of documents created and number of discussion created and updated on that particular day. The counts get refreshed every 10 minutes.

3. Observation Module

The page view has changed from grid to list as default with pop-up gallery view to facilitate viewing all images without leaving the page. The grid view is still accessible through a button.

There is a new “Edit” button for species group to facilitate editing which is not just limited to the contributor, but to anyone who wishes to edit the species group.

Auto Name suggestion "click to suggest" is made available on the same page so that user doesn’t have to navigate away to a particular observation page.

4. Species Page

New Taxon Browser on the right with new BBP Taxonomic hierarchy based upon CoL taxonomic hierarchy.

5. Discussion module

The new BBP has a stand-alone discussion module unlike in the previous version, where the discussion and activity logs were clubbed together.

6. Groups Module

New development in Groups module includes an option to receive daily digests of group activities. Moderators can also broadcast announcements through the group digest.

7. Document

It has new list page view. The portal automatically extracts the scientific names from the document and links it to the species name and also counts its occurrence in the document. Species pages have the document automatically listed in its “documents and listing” section.

8. Data Sources

This is a new page in the latest BBP that will display the list of external data sources like GBIF etc (if it is uploaded).


Please check out our new features on BBP and let us know if you have any comments/suggestions. And yes, your feedbacks will be highly appreciated. 

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  • Sangay Dema : Added a comment
    What is this create a page option for? 
  • Kezang Wangmo : In reply to Sangay Dema
    The create page option can be used for creating any custom html content. The create page in portal is restricted to portal admin, while the create page in group is only for group founders. 
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