Hello everyone. I am being told by a Japanese researcher that imported plants like cactus, eucalyptus and lantana wipe out the aboriginal Bhutanese plant species. I don't know if it's true and how extensive is the damage but seriously it's an interesting occurrence. Please comment your thoughts.

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  • Phurpa Dorji : Added a comment
    Eucalyptus trees: These trees were cultivated or planted for timber sources as it is fast growing trees. They have very long roots growing deep into the ground, decreases the underground water level and desertifying the land. So, in some countries these trees are considered as weeds and tried to remove. 
    Cactus: Wangdi Phodrang and Lobesa area are being nearly dominated by these Cactus plants. Those plants if I am not wrong were imported as ornamental plants and later escaped into the open area. These is what we see when we pass Wangdi Phodrang and other places. Very soon though not surprising, we will see vegetation being dominated by it. 
  • Sangay Dema : In reply to Kip Chu
    Kipchu, i did not get any mail with your questions. Can you send to me again?
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