Hello everyone. I am being told by a Japanese researcher that imported plants like cactus, eucalyptus and lantana wipe out the aboriginal Bhutanese plant species. I don't know if it's true and how extensive is the damage but seriously it's an interesting occurrence. Please comment your thoughts.

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  • Yuko Nagamura : Added a comment
    I agree with the risk pointed out by the Japanese researcher.  Eucalyptus and Acacia can be brought in with an ornamental interests, but they are actually quite invasive and fast growing trees.  On top of that, they were notorious of 'fireblight plants' that may spread forest fire greater once started.  Their seeds need fire to germinate, so vegetation may change dramatically after swiping off native vegetation by fire (either man-made disaster or natural cause).  You could avoid such tragedy by limiting the plants in the garden or street planting.  I overheard the great forest fire in the Pedrogao Grande in Portugal in this summer got worse by planting those foreign high-oil-contain trees.  Also Cape Town in South Africa is trying to get rid of them which settled and spread more than happily, threatening their native vegetation.  Not sure about the cactus, but Eucalyptus and Acacias for sure.
  • Choki Gyeltshen : Added a comment
    Eucalyptus plantation is not allowed in Bhutan now due it's allelopathic effects, which wipes outs the surrounding native species. Due to it's fast growing properties, allelopathic effect would be wide spreading. Cactus and Lantana are both alien invasive species. Lantana seems to be more notorious invading native species from the sub-tropical region to temperate. Cactus has invaded more dryer places, which is their suitable habitat and they are originated from Africa via India.Despite these species, there are other many species invading our native plants as well as endemic plants. Thus, government has already initiated to quarantine the species coming into Bhutan, which is of course a very difficult task. As seeds can be brought in through numerous ways. That's it for now.   
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