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    Additions to the herpetofauna of Royal Manas National Park, Bhutan, with six new country records
    Journal Article
    We present the results of a rapid herpetofaunal inventory conducted in Royal Manas National Park, Bhutan, in June 2014. Visual encounter surveys, opportunistic searches, and pitfall traps were used during four days of fieldwork to document diversity. Twelve species of amphibians and 20 species of reptiles were recorded during the survey. Six species (Uperodon globulosus, Ingerana borealis, Calotes maria, Cnemaspis assamensis, Ptyctolaemus gularis, Trimeresurus properirum) are new additions to the herpetofauna of Bhutan.
    WII, India; Samanwoy Path, India; Arya Vidyapeeth College, India; Gauhati University, India; & Royal Manas National Park, Bhutan