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    A first record of Clanis hyperion Cadiou & Kitching, 1990 (Lepidoptera: Sphingidae) in Bhutan, and a preliminary checklist of the hawkmoths of Mendrelgang, Bhutan
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    The type series of the hawkmoth Clanis hyperion Cadiou & Kitching, 1990 comprised a holotype male and a paratype series of 17 males and six females captured at various locations in northwestern Thailand between 1988 and 1989 (Cadiou & Kitching 1990). Additional non-type materials comprised a further three males and one female from northwestern Thailand and a single male from the Khasi Hills, Assam [Meghalaya], India (Cadiou & Kitching 1990). Clanis hyperion closely resembles Clanis titan Rothschild & Jordan 1903, but the two species can be distinguished by the different extents of the pale apical area of the forewing upperside. In C. titan, this reaches only as far as vein M1, whereas in C. hyperion, the pale area extends beyond vein M2 (Image 1). Some specimens of Clanis undulosa Moore, 1879 can also be similar but this species is easily distinguished from both C. hyperion and C. titan by the presence of a conspicuous black streak on the underside of the forewing near the base; this streak is lacking in both C. hyperion and C. titan. In addition, the uppersides of the tibiae of the mid-and hind legs are pink in C. hyperion but white in C. titan and C. undulosa.
    Mendrelgang Middle Secondary School & The Natural History Museum, London, UK