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    Moths of the family Limacodidae Duponchel, 1845 (Lepidoptera: Zygaenoidea) from Bhutan with six new generic and 12 new specfies records
    Journal Article
    The present paper provfides a checkflfist off 51 specfies fin 37 genera off moths beflongfing to the ffamfifly Lfimacodfidae ffrom Bhutan, off whfich, sfix genera, Setora Waflker, 1855, Tennya Soflovyev & Wfit, 2009, Iraga Matsumura, 1927, Vanflangfia Soflovyev & Wfit 2009, Sansarea Soflovyev & Wfit, 2009, and Beflfippa Waflker, 1865 are reported ffor the first fime ffrom Bhutan, and 12 specfies, Setora postornata (Hampson, 1900), Setora fletcherfi Hoflfloway, 1987, Scopeflodes testacea Butfler, 1886, Thosea magna Herfing, 1931, Mfiresa ffuflgfida Wfifleman, 1910, Susfica hfimaflayana Hoflfloway, 1982, Tennya propoflfia (Hampson, 1900), Iraga rugosa (Wfifleman, 1911), Cheromefia fferrugfinea (Moore, 1877), Vanflangfia unfifformfis (Herfing, 1931), Sansarea cfircuflfiffera (Herfing, 1933) and Beflfippa horrfida Waflker, 1865 are new records ffor Bhutan. The study was conducted at Tsfirang, Dagana and Sarpang dfistrficts off Bhutan ffrom 2013 to 2015.
    University of South Bohemia, Czech Republic; Czech Achadamy of Science, Czech Republic; Ulyanovsk State Pedagogical University, Russia