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    Rediscovery of Ludlow's Bhutan Glory, Bhutanitis ludlowi Gabriel (Lepidoptera: Papilionidae): morphology and biology
    Journal Article
    The papilionid butterfly,Bhutanitis ludlowi, Gabriel, was rediscovered after a lapse of 76 years since it was first collected in Trashiyangtse Valley of Trashi Yangtse, eastern Bhutan. The immature stages of this butterfly are recorded and illustrated for the first time. The morphology and biology of adult, egg and larval stages are compared with those of theBhutanitisspecies, in particularBhutanitis lidderdaliiAtkinson.Aritolochia griffithii(Aristolochiaceae) is recorded as the larval hostplant ofB. ludlowi.The habitat, conservation needs and biogeography of the butterfly are also briefly discussed.
    The University of Tokyo; Ministry of Agriculture and Forests, Bhutan; The Research Institute of Evolutionary Biology; Shinohara-kita & NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)